Industrial engineering services with
experience solid as steel

Kajup is a Northern Finland based company providing industrial automation and design services. CEO Kari Puroila is a proven expert in the developement of processes automation for steel and paper industries. Over 20 years of operation, Kajup has delivered solutions which have included project lead, design, logic programming, installation, installation supervision and maintenance services. When you need a real specialist of industrial automation, call Kari!

Kari Puroila
Kari Puroila


Kajup offers services that improve the performance, safety, and usability of industrial processes and equipment.

Automation and control room systems

Solid application programming expertise with several automation systems and network solutions


Preliminary design, project lead and installation supervision


Upkeep, alarm and faultfinding services

Information management

Training and instruction manuals, documentation


We have delivered solutions for the following


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